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It was followed by a Windows Phone 7 application which was released on 10/2010.

Frequently auspicious characters, words or symbols, and a wide variety of other content meaningful in the context of Chinese culture was integrated in marks.

Examples are Wang Bing Rong, a well-known potter of the 19th century, or the famous "Eight Friends of Zhushan" a group that was active from the late Qing dynasty until far into the 20th century, just to mention a few, who did sign their works.

A transition from a mere kiln artisan to an artist was in the making.

News of the lawsuit was made public when Nearby CEO Brian Hamachek wrote a blog post about the matter in which he made a number of allegations against Whos Here. Hamachek eventually agreed to change the name of the company to WNM Live (and later changed again to Nearby for unrelated reasons) and posted a joint statement written by both WNM Live and Whos Here.