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actually has almost nothing to do with a guy’s behavior, and is instead a function of his facial aesthetics.” said supersystem3.

It is also shown that he is responsible as the eldest to maintain their finances and lifestyle.

He was assigned with taking Ringo’s diary only to hesitate later when he was told to obtain it by any means necessary.

: Mawaru Penguindrum was warmly received by the audience which was later licensed by Sentai Filmworks for a North American release.

Birthdate: March 20th, 1995 Zodiac sign: Pisces The more serious and colder of the twins.

He takes his duty to obtain the Penguin Drum seriously, willing to resort to any method to obtain it, whether legal or not.

: Himari Takakura is the terminally ill sister of the twin brothers, Shoma and Kanba.

Despite her ailing body, she tries to be cheerful as she possibly can so that her brothers won’t have to constantly worry about her condition.

He cares deeply for his family and would do just about anything to keep them happy.

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