Start Dating yairi guitars

Dating yairi guitars

I'll have a lot of fun trying out different brands of guitars.

Someday, somehow I will get a vintage Gibson hummingbird. I prefer vintage because of the tone that aged wood produces. Within that context, new Martins, Gibsons, Taylors, and many others besides the Big 3 can be considered.

For example, I know Taylor is a respected brand but I'm not familiar with which vintage models are most sought after by players. If you are considering getting a guitar that can be considered excellent, you are likely going to be spending a bit, e.g., more than $1,000.

It's about 7/8 size, and unfortunately the neck's width at the nut is about proportional (why can't it be a standard 1 3/4"?! You really have to be prepared to play a bunch and figure out what works for you.

I changed the strings but that didn't really change much.

It's funny how a great sounding guitar can inspire someone to play more.

This Yairi I bought was a big step up for me in tone, and I find myself "wanting" to pick it up and play.

Huss & Dalton review of their L-00 style Crossroads. This one is interesting because it's American and hand crafted. I didn't realize those mid-80s Alvarezes were so well-regarded. I've had it since 1986, but I'm not exactly sure when it was made; I tried to look it up a while back and the serial number refers to a completely different guitar. One thing I want to comment on that's related to your last post aceplace - you talk about how your Yairi makes you want to play. Do you find yourself wanting to pick up that guitar?