Start Dating without credit card

Dating without credit card

"This really upsets some folks because they get paid weekly, they want to pay their credit card bill every week, and some are being restricted from doing so," says Weston.

Columnist Liz Pulliam Weston, author of "Easy Money," sees this happen frequently to folks who try to buff their credit score by paying off a chunk of credit card debt a month before they apply for a major loan. If you're thinking about going to paperless billing, really stay on top of it, and maybe even make a small extra payment in the middle of the cycle until you're sure when your billing cycle is." Gail Hillebrand, senior attorney for Consumers Union has an additional suggestion: "I think it's actually quite helpful to 2.

"The way the credit card computer systems are set up, they are only looking for payments between the statement closing date and the due date," she explains. The over-limit limbo At the other end of your minimum payment is the credit limit on your card.

No, your credit card company isn't exactly dealing off the bottom of the deck.

No false shuffles, double lifts, swing cuts, pinky breaks or other classic sleights-of-hand. The expensive kind, in which over-limit fees, residual interest, default APRs and other surprises suddenly appear as if by magic on your credit card statement.

You can wind up paying these fees to infinity." Solution?

Weston suggests using online personal finance programs such as Wasabi, Mint or Quicken to monitor closely your available credit.

They prefer us to be toads in the hole, jumping in but never actually climbing out.