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Becoming involved again in antigovernment activities, he helped found a short-lived secret group called the Society for Fatherland and Freedom. In July 1908 an insurrection broke out in Macedonia.

A government spy infiltrated their group and informed on them.

A cloud of suspicion hung over their heads that was not to be lifted for years.

Over the next two decades, Atatürk created a modern of 1877–78, indicating that his origins were within the Ottoman ruling class, if only marginally.

Mustafa’s mother, Zübeyde Hanım, came from a farming community west of Salonika.

One group favoured decentralization, with harmony and cooperation between the Muslims and the non-Muslims.

The other, headed by the CUP, advocated centralization and Turkish control.

Mustafa Kemal remained aloof from it until his third year, when he became involved in the production of a clandestine newspaper.

His activities were uncovered, but he was allowed to complete the course, graduating as a second lieutenant in 1902 and ranking in the top 10 of his class of more than 450 students.

The group was broken up and its members assigned to remote areas of the empire.

Mustafa Kemal and Ali Faut were sent to the Fifth Army in , where Mustafa Kemal was angered by the way corrupt officials were treating the local people.

This was something for which Mustafa always felt indebted to his father.