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Dating with down syndrome

Tickets for all events can now be purchased online. Dr John Langdon Down was a Victorian physician who established Normansfield in 1868 as a family home and a place where people with learning disabilities could be cared for and educated at a time when most of them would have been condemned to life in an asylum.

While the nation was cringing last week and every media outlet buzzing about the neo-Nazi imagery from Charlottesville, another story reminiscent of the Third Reich emerged from, of all places, Iceland.

Today, we have a wide range of performances from operas, musical and choral concerts, to drama productions. The museum includes displays about the work of Dr John Langdon Down and the history of Normansfield from 1868 to 1997.

Also on display are objects from the Royal Earlswood Asylum and artefacts made by James Henry Pullen (1835–1916), a known as the Genius of Earlswood Asylum.

Even more horrifying, Iceland is a small country, but other larger nations aren't lagging far behind in this eugenics experiment. One pregnancy counselor in Iceland told CBS, "We don't look at abortion as a murder…We ended a possible life that may have had a huge complication…preventing suffering for the child and for the family." Or in other words, trust us, "it's for your own good…" Tell that to Thordis Ingadottir and her beautiful seven-year-old daughter, Augusta, one of the few people in Iceland with Down syndrome who hasn't been killed.

In Denmark, 98 percent of children diagnosed with Down syndrome in the womb are killed. The pair have become crusaders for those with disabilities, so that they will be "fully integrated on [their] own terms" into society.

Normansfield Theatre is a hidden gem, and considered to be one of the most important private theatres in the country.

Home to the largest collection of restored Victorian scenery, we are also one of only two theatres in the country with the original scene changing system in place. In 2015 we received a Heritage Lottery Grant for £85,100 for the project – .

The name of the label was inspired by Madeline's passion to 'find reasons to better ourselves, be more inclusive, healthier and why we should celebrate life, whilst taking pride in her 21st chromosome.' 2017 still has plenty in store for Madeline, who is also booked to walk the runway at Los Angeles Fashion Week and Denver Fashion Week.