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Dating violence deaths

When we discuss TDV, we’re focusing on the pattern of behaviors that an abusive teen might use to control and belittle his or her partner.

We know that domestic violence typically starts early/young; early prevention efforts and effective interventions provide our best opportunity to get in front of the problem to protect youth and to prevent adult domestic violence.

Similarities between TDV and adult domestic violence include the fact that the relationships are real, potentially dangerous, significant to the victim and perpetrator and difficult to end.

A poll conducted by the Associated Press and MTV in 2009 found that 50% of young people ages 14-24 have experienced digitally abusive behavior.

Here’s a great healthy relationship definition from the Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance (2009): A significant majority of students report experience of sexual harassment.

Definitions We use the phrase “teen dating violence” (TDV) because that is the language generally used by advocates and the public health community to describe abusive and controlling behaviors in adolescent relationships.

We use the term for the sake of consistency in sharing common language, but there are few important points to be made about this phrase…

A study of these behaviors commissioned by the AAUW Education Foundation in 2001 found that 8 out of 10 students experienced sexual harassment at some point in their school lives.