Start Dating usa sex for muslims

Dating usa sex for muslims

Religion becomes like Father Christmas, when they got old enough, they knew better than to believe in it. It means arranged marriages and never hanging out or having fun. It would mean double standards or having to serve a husband the rest of her life.

Most of us believe we can make up for our actions later or we can be religious later. The chances of our dying today are little, but the stakes are high.

Allah reminds us of the importance of this, "O you who believe, obey Allah as he should be obeyed, and die not except in a state of Islam" (Quran3: 102) Each of us needs to decide. Why don't we take the time, just once, once in our lives to find out if Islam is right? We can't see God, but is there a maker to all this? We only live once, if Islam is wrong then we should leave it, but if it's right we shouldn't go halfway.

He, then that receives guidance benefits his own soul: but he that strays injures his own soul..." Quran This is the true definition of freedom. "Those on whom knowledge has been bestowed may learn that the (Quran) is the truth from your Lord, and that they believe therein, and their hearts may be made humbly (open) to it..." Quran Once students have this rock-solid intellectual belief in Islam, the corruptness and falseness of the people around them is clear.

The beauty and wisdom of the Islamic way, the best alternative is clear. If others think they were weird to pray or weird to be honest, they would still pray and still be honest because they know their deen.

Drinking in college is also the norm unfortunately. Drinking is cool and a way for people to socialize, meet and have fun.

The one who doesn't is less of a person and 'misses out'.

Women are treated with respect; there is no sexual bombardment like there is in western society.

Sex in western culture is also often seen as a vice or a sin of the flesh.

Imagine all the heartache youth would save if they followed the Islamic alternative.

In true Islam, unlike culture, there is no gameplaying.

Drinking and all the harms that come with it is cut off at the root in Islam.