Start Dating the enermy

Dating the enermy

I've been exasperated trying to make this point to a friend or two who had become angry at the woman who cheated with instead of the man who cheated on them. I wish women would respect each other when it came to relationships. If your friend or relative owes you the respect of a friend or relative, shouldn't any other woman respect you as a woman? Respect is given, until that person does something disrespectful to lose that respect. That is, after all, why we initially take people seriously and value their opinions as people, until they screw it up. Personally, I'd rather avoid from blame, but in the absence of that, I'm usually one to get annoyed with both parties.

You didn't make any promises, but you're still willfully hurting someone. Maybe it's just my personal revulsion, since I find even the abstract concept of fucking a married man physically nauseating.

..she is right, in the sense that people who have affairs with married people participate in a deceiving, hurtful act, most the time knowing so.

there's no a shadow of a doubt they didn't know he's married. I think your comment definitely applies to other women who know he's married. Many of the views presented in the linked discussion angered me with their other-(wo)man blame, especially regarding heterosexual partnerships in which the man strays.

For example, it's perfectly legal for my neighbors to park their cars on the outside curb in front of my house.

They basically tried to get me into bed one of four ways.

I've actually asked around recently, and there's a general consensus: it's inevitably the same script.

The fact that this blocks me from parking on the inside of that curb (my property) doesn't make it any less legal for them to park there, but it does make them seem like jerks for doing it when they know they're preventing me from parking at my own house, right?