Start Dating someone with one testicle

Dating someone with one testicle

Im now 22 and ever since then my life hasnt been the same, i have lost all confidence that i use to have, never had a girlfriend because i always make excuses not to go out with them due to the fact i only have one testicle, i think about it 24/7 and it is always on my mind and gets me down, so i thought id write on here to see if anybody else is going through something similar and would like to talk.

I dated a guy with only one testical and it was a great relationship.

If you do run a across a self-centered cruel witch who has a problem with your having one testical be THANKFUL because you know up front what she is like and can immediately cut her out of your life.

People like that are unhappy with themselves..are all human and at some time will all go through something that is embarrassing.

I'm a 26 year old man who lost a testicle when i was 14 years of age due to infection, i can't help but feel that it's ruining my life in one way or another.