Start Dating someone who has been in jail

Dating someone who has been in jail

Penitentiaries were first established in the United States by religious leaders who sought to rehabilitate lawbreakers by repenting for their sins.

These temporary familial formations are more prevalent in female prisons than their male counterparts.

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Topics to consider regarding IPRs of incarcerated individuals include: types of relationships, barriers to IPRs (relationship development and intimacy maintenance), positive and negative outcomes of IPRs, and the sexual practices therein.

The most prevalent research on the topic on intimate-partner relationships pertains to heterosexual romantic relationships with one incarcerated partner.

Further, these surrogate families may be one of the few methods female inmates utilize to garner social support since females are more likely than men to serve sentences in prisons that are far from their loved ones.

However, some research suggests that these surrogate families can often create more anger and frustration for inmates than seeking support through other avenues (e.g., vocational, educational, or religious).

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