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Even walking short distances would quickly become unbearably painful.

Strengthening the back musculature and stabilising the spine Specific initial reactions with intervertebral disc problems/herniated discs: If you are not yet accustomed to the ky Boot/ky Bounder and suffer from intervertebral disc problems in addition, the radiating pain may worsen slightly at first.

In this case, it is important for this initial reaction to disappear again as quickly as possible since neurological pain is very unpleasant and we do not want to further stress the affected nerve.

Bed rest is not advisable since it has not been proven to have any therapeutic effect.

Effective pain medication therapy should be carried out early on if mobility is lacking.

A herniated disc can lead to a positive Lasègue’s sign and Kernig’s sign.

In extreme cases, transverse spinal cord syndrome may develop, which can lead e.g.

Yet only a small proportion of herniated disc cases have to be treated surgically.

Conservative therapy and patience usually lead to success.

Caroline Winter had been suffering from severe sacral joint pain ever since the birth of her daughter.

Visits to an osteopath and a regular fitness regime allowed her to keep the pain temporarily at bay.

A herniated disc is also a common occurrence during pregnancy.