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Dating royal doulton series ware

When founded in 1815 in the Lambeth section of suburban London, Doulton & Co.

The blue sky ground is hard to find, most often it is on a bone china base, but there are some 10.5" rack plates on an earthen ware base.

This ground is also applied by air brush, only with more detail; the road is a sandy brown with shading to give a suggestion of shadows under the characters, horses and the coach.

Prices for dinner services vary according to size, age and condition, but generally range from $2,000 to $15,000.

Royal Doulton art pottery might be used by some as a bright decorative note; others collect the company’s figurines with the same interest and dedication as stamp and coin enthusiasts.

In the second form of the snow scene the horses, coach and characters appear in snow covered back ground, there is often colour in the sky suggesting either evening or sun shine.

The background bush is in the grays and brown of winter.

Taking a cue from the venerable Meissen porcelain workshops in Germany, Doulton artisans began crafting figurines modeled on characters from literature and theater.

The firm also helped popularize Toby Jugs and other “character mugs” — handled cups shaped as the heads of figures from folklore and popular culture.

Coaching Days was produced in four background styles, or colour-ways.

The standard background is yellow & brown, the yellow forms the ground and a strip of brown shading is used to indicate the bush in the background.

The redoubtable British ceramics maker Royal Doulton has long embraced popular tastes and enjoys a devoted following among aficionados of English pottery.