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And that starts with social media In Parliament, there is no independent HR department, no proper grievance procedure, no real consequences for those who step out of line.

Karolyi seemed to make a brief attempt at finding a teachable moment before simply pulling Biles into her chest.

“That was spectacular,” Tim Daggett, the 1984 Olympic gold medallist and commentator, said.

Biles, however, projects a sense of assured inevitability.

“It’s like there’s no effort,” Steve Penny, the head of USA Gymnastics, said, seated next to me in the front row. Two seats away, someone from the Canadian gymnastics federation shrugged and laughed in resigned defeat, which is more or less how the gymnastics world has reacted to Biles since she won her first World Championship, in 2013.

“My contribution was to say, ‘You should spell “center” differently,’ ” Ron, who is a retired air-traffic controller, told me.

The Centre, which opened last November, is a gymnastics Valhalla, with a giant foam pit, forty-foot ceilings furnished with helicopter-sized fans, and a sign on the gym door advising parents that they are not welcome on the mat.

The fact that gymnasts wear ribbons and jewel-flecked costumes—Karolyi has sent back leotards because she didn’t think they had enough crystals—can minimize how difficult the sport actually is.