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Dating girls in zimbabwe

“I had to leave school to marry this man despite his age ...

The next thing he was trying to get into my pants and I refused until he pinned me down and tried to rape me. I never talked to him ever since.’ (Dazzy, 17 years old) The material girl ‘I got a message from a girl on Evening Touch. While at Beer Engine, a bar located in the heart of Harare, we had a few drinks (bought her ciders) and she revealed how she was a university student living in the university residents and had overspent all her money and was bankrupt.

‘I put my profile on Evening Touch just to have fun but I then met the sweetest, most amazing girl in the world and we’ve been together now for eight months.

‘We are very much in love and planning a wedding; it’s all thanks to online dating,’ he said.

Tariro Muchina was barely in her teens late last year when her father “sold” her off into an arranged marriage in the small-scale farming district of Nyamajura, about 250km east of the Zimbabwean capital, Harare.

Twelve months down the line, the 14-year-old Muchina, who was literally dragged screaming all the way into “marriage”, appears to have come to terms with her fate.

‘I can literally say that I do not have a social life as I’m always stuck and busy with work and hardly find time with friends and family.

‘I see these sites as platforms to meet with new people and friends,’ On the other hand, another female subscriber who goes by the name Sandy Babe (20 years old) says her desire to meet new people has pushed her to join dating sites.

I caught up with one female participant who goes by the user name, Gracy, on one of the sites.