Start Dating gerstner tool boxes

Dating gerstner tool boxes

We have started hiring on new people for the first time in many years as a direct result the huge volume of chests sold from the Gerstner International (GI) line.

He then sold his machine tools including his benches with the Emmert vices. He'd lined the lid of the box with family photos etc. I have #92 top and drawer bottom machinists boxes in oak. (there is a cheap version available these days that bears no resemblance to the originals - beware) years ago, you could just drop in at the factory, and take a tour. I have a friend who collects antique fishing lures, and stores them in these boxes. There was a cherry Gerstner machinists box full of Starritt top of the line machinist tools. I just couldn't lie to her, I didn't have the bucks at the time and I had duplicates of all the tools except the box.

Purchased separately over several years as an apprentice machinist in the 60's they were an extravagance that has served me well and lasted through a lifetime of work. He has an entire room filled with nearly 100 full sets. I have Kennedy and Waterloo boxes made in the US and they don't hold a candle to the old Gerstner boxes. Always kick myself for not going to the bank and taking out the money.

I can sympathize with their feelings, however it is our job to insure that Gerstner USA remains in business offering our American made line of chests into our next 100 years as well.

This import line has done - to date - exactly what we had hoped it would do.

I went to a garage sale with my wife, asked the lady if she had any tools.

I think the ones built in the US are a real work of art.

For the real Gerstner "purist" - I would hope they are happy to see us take whatever steps are necessary in order to provide future generations with the same high quality American made products upon which we have established our 105-year reputation. If you want the "original" Gerstner - the USA division stands ready to meet that need.

Click Here - To learn more about Gerstner USA Products. If you want a really good chest at a super economical price, Gerstner International is here for you too.

We will keep a clear and separate division between the two lines of chests. GI chests are made from plain-sawn red oak whereas the USA line of oak chest are quarter-sawn white oak (sometimes shows up as tiger striped patterns in the wood).

We stand behind the GI series chests and they are USA factory backed for service and support.

The mission of Gerstner International is to seek out manufacturing partners the world over to enable Gerstner & Sons to offer it's customers economically priced wood products built to a benchmark of quality that will proudly uphold the Gerstner name.