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He has been told nothing [of why he suffers], but he feels the terrible and tingling atmosphere of something which is too good to be told.

In the ensuing years of peace, attention was focused on proper national symbols.

On February 16, 1866, it was decided that the Central American blue-white-blue flag would be retained but with a distinctive new central symbol.

It’s all so loud and confrontational and abrasive — the question of Job steamrolled by God’s questions, and the voices of Job’s friends overwhelmed now by a hit-list of created wonders in the natural world and animal kingdom. Job flings at God one riddle, God flings back at Job a hundred riddles, and Job is at peace. God responds to the pain of Job’s life by laying out a metaphorical and word-picture feast of his natural wonders, culminating in the much-debated mystery duo of Behemoth and Leviathan.

When our bodies get sick, doctors analyze us and even look into our blood for answers. The GPS app on my phone listens to pinging satellites in order to place me on the planet and predict my arrival time. The weatherman connects with satellites in space and gets back with a prediction of his own.

The Lord himself shows up to answer Job’s questions from a whirlwind.

And the answer: “I will question you” (Job 38:1–3).

The God who dried Job’s tears with a tornado answers us with a hundred riddles and with a litany of indecipherable mysteries and a catalogue of natural absurdities and animal wonders to fill our imaginations with awe and wonder that cannot answer our questions, but somehow work together to quiet and humble and satisfy our hearts.