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Dating farson julie

Please mail or handdeliver a copy of syllabus, Transfer Credit Report, and transcript. Contact the SPPO main office at 292-4958 to schedule an appointment, or leave your materials in the mailbox located in 298 Hagerty Hall.

This department does not consider literature or culture courses from overseas institutions to be equivalent to courses offered at Ohio State.

If you have any specific product queries, please contact the manufacturer.

Evaluations for business courses are done in a "once a term cycle".

While a student may receive General credits which count toward graduation, the department does not award specific credit for these courses.

For example, Korean language, literature or culture courses taken by native speakers of Korean in an institution in Korea would be awarded General credit.

Writing courses completed in other countries cannot be evaluated for transfer credit.

Literature courses completed in other countries may receive Special English credit but these will not count towards the GE literature requirement.

Students will be unable to schedule math and science courses at orientation if their courses have not been evaluated.