Start Dating extension for joomla

Dating extension for joomla

With Matukio Events you and your organizers can manage events in the Joomla frontend and backend!

- set space between images (when more than one set) - set max amount of images loaded - set sorting - enable Css3 transitions - enable Autoplay of the slider - set play/pause and prev/next buttons to be displayed on mouse hover, always or never - enable/disable indicator (dots or numbers) You can easily customize the slider module by adding your own: - prev, next buttons (upload them right from the module) - play, pause buttons (those can also be updated right from the module's settings) It's also easy to position the navigation horizontally and vertically.

By adding your sharing code to the component you can utilize the power of social media to increase traffic and engagement.

DJ-Classified's options include a dedicated space for your own share-button code (e.g.

You can even enable auctions and allow to sell items (even with direct Paypal payments between users).