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Chair: Ellen Rutten, U of Amsterdam Collaborative Digital Initiatives Across the U. Thu, November 9, to pm, Marriott Downtown Chicago, 10th, O’Hare This roundtable will build on work discussed during the successful digital humanities stream at the 2016 ASEEES Convention.

The panelists examine recent computer games, and other ludic media, questioning if such games allow for greater participatory agency and transgressive meaning-making, or if they reinforce dominant parochial regimes by substituting interactivity for agency.

Numerous media artifacts of the period remain, but Russian political developments since 2000 have threatened to distort a full account of the first post-Soviet decade.

This interdisciplinary roundtable will focus on theorizing post-Soviet mass media’s institutional memory of the 1990s.

Chair: Andrew Behrendt, U Pittsburgh Lightning Round: Digital Project Spotlight Fri, November 10, to pm, Marriott Downtown Chicago, 10th, O’Hare Chair: Jessie Labov, Central European University Computational Poetics: Digital Approaches to the Analysis of Poetic Texts Sat, November 11, to am, Marriott Downtown Chicago, 10th, O’Hare This panel explores current trends in the quantitative study of verse and poetics.