Start Dating an older male virgin

Dating an older male virgin

And any woman that laughs at you for being a virgin (especially if they don't understand the circumstances behind it) isn't worth your time.

i just want her to think i am terrible at sex, but from all the porn ive seen, it cant be that difficult to please a really pisses me off and depresses me atm is that i was so close with this one girl and she knew i was a virgin but still wanted me but i didnt have the balls to go out with her.

she really wanted to be with me and now i hate myself for how i acted around her, fml.

I wouldn't sleep with anyone on my third date so if all of a sudden during the second or third date a girl told me she was a virgin I would probably think "Ok, and why is that relevant all of a sudden in the middle of dinner?

Some women might feel obligated to do the deed with you. You'd think the pressure would be on you but its more likely the opposite.

I mean I'm certainly not afraid to admit here that I'm still a virgin, only difference is I'm younger than you, but not that much, only a little over a decade.

There's no reason to hide it and definitely no shame in being a virgin,so you shouldn't worry too much about it.

Not really something to bring up as soon as you get a kiss but if things are definitely moving to the bedroom (or wherever you'll want to do it =P) then just casually mention it.