Start Dating an older guy while in college

Dating an older guy while in college

I never thought I would get to see Rome, and Greece, and Tokyo, but he always flew us first class and made it seem like the flight was an open bar.

Except it was her boyfriend checking on how she had settled in. Another friend won’t see a guy unless there’s a gap of at least two years.

Though I’m in total agreement with the saying that age doesn’t matter in a relationship, my friend wouldn’t even consider a date if he’s more than three years older.

We would drink wine and talk about fine art even though I was working at a coffee shop 7 days a week and before him I had forgotten what food besides ramen noodles tasted like.” “He paid my rent the first year I lived in New York City. There really is truth is in the fact that older men know what they’re doing.” “The first older man I would date would just make sure I always had gas in my car and had a house that had a home theater. When we broke up I had to retrain my brain how to afford things like a normal person who didn’t start his own tech company.” “I think I realized I was dating an older man with money when we checked into a hotel and immediately people seemed tense and rushed to help him with his bags to escort us to the penthouse sweet.

I stopped seeing him because every time he took me to a work function or dinner party everyone treated me like I was the flavor of the week.” “I dated a guy who worked in television before and every time we would go out I felt like I was with a celebrity. I knew he had money but I didn’t know he had make hotel staff nervous money.” “One time he rented out an entire roller skating rink for our date.

But this was pre-me being on Facebook, and all I could find was a scrap of paper in my journal with the well-groomed dreadlocks guy’s number.

The number was out of service, because obviously, it was a dorm number, and that was that.

A free woman, my college dating career devolved into a series of mistakes wherein I consistently said YES to the wrong guys and NO to the right ones.

I could roll the list out before you like double ply toilet paper: the guy with the infected tongue ring, the prematurely balding guy who invited me over to his dorm room to watch a James Bond movie (translation: try to get me to blow him), the guy in the wheelchair (who was really amazing until he left me for a girl who ended up moving in across the hall from me), the much older alcoholic who worked at a nightclub, the guy who told me I was “maladroit” when I fell off the hammock on his dorm balcony and then gave me a copy of Nietzsche’s to read if we were “ever going to get along,” the guy who left me for a porn star while I was studying abroad, the boyfriend who told me he was going on a road trip to New Mexico and then I never heard from him again. I feel like I don’t need to because you’re probably getting a solid picture of the poor choices I made. In my early 20’s, when I finally landed a nice, normal boyfriend who wanted to go on walks and eat salads and play guitar while I sang, I wondered, for the first time, why I dated such dicks in college. My level of self-awareness wasn’t super keen at age 23.

But let me have the insight for you: Barring those of you at a women’s college (unless you date women, in which case, you’re going to have a field day!

), the most eligible batch of dudes you’ll meet, perhaps ever in your life, will be sitting right there in dining hall.

We never had to wait in line even at exclusive clubs and bars and he always made it seem like bottle service in life was standard……after we stopped seeing each other I realized it is more definitely not.” “He bought all my college textbooks and all I had to do was try anal a few times and make it look like I was interested in his financial work. I will never forget that.” “I think it never really came up until I mentioned that I was going to be behind on my cellphone bill.