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Dating agencies in the uk

It's the complete opposite from the harsh anonymity of internet dating; members feel they belong to something really special, as they frequently tell us.

We're quite close to being a club and that brings the ethos of running it for the benefit of the members." Indeed, the fact that members frequently refer to RSVP as 'we', suggests that the ethos works.

RSVP is a technology-aware organisation, rather than a technology-based one.

The RSVP Platinum membership brings you your own Dating PA.

Together with Dating Consultants, they provide a complete personal matchmaking service.

And, we are all there for the same thing - to make new friends and meet that special someone.

Every singles event is hosted; if you are really nervous about going in on your own, call the host and ask them to meet you outside." Get to meet our hosts at some of our superb singles events every month on offer to all RSVP members.

Carol - now happily paired off - hosted many of our singles events in Birmingham and was always there as a buddy for new members.

She knows how it feels to be coming along to your first RSVP event and has some sage advice for new members: "Now, I know it’s not easy going along to your first RSVP singles event, but when you get there, you’ll find that everyone is friendly and welcoming; after all, we've all been there!

Patrick Mac Donald first opened the doors of RSVP to the singles in Northamptonshire in 1992.

Such was the demand - and the lack of credible, sophisticated alternatives - that the formula of hand-picked matches and singles events in Leicester and Bedford soon followed.

But our Gold Membership also offers hand-selected one-to-one introductions.