Start Dating a widower who still wears his wedding ring

Dating a widower who still wears his wedding ring

I seem to have a hard time taking mine off but it has only been7 months PLEASE don't delete!!

My Uncle (for who in h*ll knows what reason) re-married a couple years after my Aunt passed on and this new b*tch freaks any time he goes to the cemetery to put flowers on or just do some thinking there. I'm quite sure any rings he may have had that associated him with my Aunt were removed and well hidden long before the I do's were said in his case.

I also took it out every once in awhile and grieved some more.

During those four years, I was often asked " if my husband was at work" or " did I have to go home and talk it over with my husband" It really was painful to always explain that my husband had passed.

I have three rings including my engagement ring that were given to me by my husband and I have considered taking them to a jeweller to have them remade into a new ring using all the stones. when you meet another partner in life i would hope they'd have no problem in you're still wanting to wear it. Although I havent lost a spouse to death, Im sure that if I loved him with all my heart, I would still wear my wedding band.