Start Dating a mormon girl

Dating a mormon girl

Cool your jets Joshy, I'm asking because I'd like a family someday, did I say get her drunk and have sex with her? To me, it's "normal" for people to have a few drinks to relax.

I just have no idea what i'm dealing with or if i could get along with that religion and their rules. We have been emailing a while and we came to call each other and finally last Saturday we met for the first time.

I really really like her and obviously she likes me too.

But the rest was either from them saying we're the only true religion, or it was to critical to believe.

My main question is, is she even allowed to date an catholic man???

When we were buying coffee to go and she got a hot chocolate, well that raised a flag.

We were talking about her religion a bit, simply because i just have no clue what it is about. But you know i don't want to interrigate her and freak her of.

She told me that she is "a Mormon" in her own words.