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Dating a dangelico

This model was the first to have a finial grace the unique head stock shape that became a symbol of a D'Angelico guitar..

Our goal at Guitars ‘n Jazz is to find you the best possible instrument that not only matches your personal requirements and play-style, but is also a guitar that you enjoy playing and look forward to picking up.

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At only 9 years of age he was apprenticed to his great-uncle, Raphael Ciani, who made mostly violins and mandolins. Young John eventually came to supervise Ciani’s shop.

When Signor Ciani died in 1932, D’Angelico became his successor.

These models are gig ready right out of the box to perform in the most demanding large venues and just as enjoyable when playing alone in your living room or studio. We work hard to maintain the exquisite craftsmanship and imaginative techniques learned in the Kenmare Street shop, using only top quality woods and components for each and every one of our models.

We´ve stretched the boundaries of creativity and innovation with bold methods of design and construction: Archtops, Semi-Hollows, Solid-bodies, Flat tops, and Custom-Made.

D´Angelico named another of his early models, the Excel, from the New York State slogan, “Excelsior!

It is a well known fact that some of the finest archtop guitars ever built in the 20th Century came out of a small guitar shop on Kenmare Street in New York City. John D’Angelico was born to an Italian-American family in 1905.

And as a guitarist myself I would never sell an instrument that didn’t live up to my own high standards and expectations.