Start Dan gheesling and keesha dating

Dan gheesling and keesha dating

Nothing too extravagant for me — I'm a straightforward Midwest guy and don't need a lot. You obviously had fan support — you won America's Player and were always at the top of our reader Power Rankings.

Yes, I actually do talk to Jerry somewhat frequently.

We talk, I like to check in on him, because outside of all of the fighting in house, he is a good guy, and is like a Grandfather.

I was always taught to respect my elders, and it is no different with Jerry.

Renny was hilarious, but I did not think that the first week.

My favorite Renny moment was me bugging her to cut my hair, I wanted to get it cut upstairs in the Ho H salon style, but she wouldn't budge, she had me in the bathroom barbershop style. The students were just fired up to have me back and mostly asked about the girls in the house, go figure, what else would a bunch of teenage high school students want to talk about?

Dan, we want to thank you for chatting with us tonight.

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