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I could just shrug off this stereotypical article and move on with my life, but as a Nutrition and Weight Loss Counselor who believes that positive body image and self-image are essential for long-term success in fitness and weight loss, I had to respond.

That bravery is incredibly admirable (and dateable).(2) They are fiercely loyal.

If you want to see this, just take a look at a crowd at the local Crossfit competition.

A recent post on the Huffington post titled You Should be Dating a Cross Fit Girl. I was once a single “Crossfit girl” five years ago (back before Crossfit was cool), and my boyfriend eventually became both my workout buddy and my husband.

Last night at dinner, I asked him if any of the 10 reasons the author listed were actually reasons he dated and married me, and the answer was a resounding: NO.

Laura, Valerie’s daughter, is as casual about sex as every PTA helicopter mom suspects (and fears).

And while Valerie is equally as open about sex with her daughter (she openly shares how her one–night stand goes), the two both falter when successfully engaging in casual relationships—Laura sees her dreamy boyfriend cheat on her, and Valerie is coerced by her secretary to hit on an equally as young waiter. falls into the more indie–dramedy category of television than anything else, so viewers looking for a neatly packaged, shiny family comedy can look elsewhere.

Everyone is friendly and welcoming to the visitors and new members.(5) Time management.

The majority of Crossfitters are not full-time athletes, they are students, lawyers, accountants, teachers, parents…

It is every business owner’s dream – a big chunk of change pretty much falls from the sky. Contrary to popular belief, a sedentary lifestyle is not limited to the obese.

The only caveat is it has to be used for the place of business. Being inactive can result in diabetes, high blood pressure, joint damage and other health problems.

Since the money can be used in a few different areas – necessities that you would have put money toward anyway, extras you’ve always wanted but never could squeeze it in a line item in the capital improvements budget, professional development, building up-keep and add-ons, and advertising/marketing, to name a few.