Start Consolidating police fire departments

Consolidating police fire departments

A lack of money, including a decline in state revenue sharing money and fewer 9/11-inspired grants, has tightened municipal budgets.

To provide sufficient services to residents, fire departments must receive notification of an emergency, offer rapid response with appropriate resources and deploy a plan of action, aiming to respond to 90 percent of requests within five minutes.

The study broke down each community’s services efficiency based on: The study then considered the cost benefits of cooperative strategies to determine if increasing shared services would help meet budgetary obligations.

Central Maine departments are feeling the crunch of fewer volunteers, less money and more required training.

Only four firefighters on the China Village Fire Department are trained to enter a burning building.

And many of the volunteers, while willing, aren’t able. The result has been the department may not get enough manpower on scene to knock a fire down before the structure is lost while waiting for mutual aid assistance from other towns.

Across Maine, a dramatic decline in the number of volunteer firefighters, particularly young ones, threatens the ability of small departments to provide essential public service.

“The public is looking for firefighters to do more with less,” said Clyde Ross, the Farmington Fire Department’s deputy chief. fire service, but in Maine about 93 percent of fire departments are either entirely or primarily staffed by volunteers, according to the Maine State Federation of Firefighters.