Start Church restrictions on dating and marriage

Church restrictions on dating and marriage

“More worryingly, some go through a ceremony without checking whether it is legally recognised and only discover their lack of legal status at the time of relationship breakdown.” Despite repeated reforms to law – most recently with same-sex marriage – the fundamental structure remains largely unchanged since 1836 when the first non-Anglican ceremonies were allowed, the report finds.

“Society has changed in many ways unimaginable by the legislators of 1836 and the legal framework no longer meets the needs of a culturally and ethnically diverse society.

That restriction has prevented groups such as the humanists from performing weddings, despite growing demand from the public for non-religious ceremonies.

There are different rules not only for civil and religious weddings but even within religious weddings – with the Church of England operating its own system based on centuries-old legal rights, separate to the laws governing weddings in other churches.

Luckily, as with many practices of the Church, the Church has explicitly stated guidelines for marriage in the Greek Orthodox Church.