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G: Yeah, I’ve been hit a a few times -too many close calls to even remember. G: I always look through the viewfinder when I’m shooting a picture – for skateboarding and punk rock stuff. On a very very very rare occasion that might happen, but that’s not the way I do it, I hate it when people do that.

D: Do you subtly influence them to change their “ways”, or do you directly tell them to arch a certain way?

G: It depends on the person, but usually a bit of both. People who trust me (most people I work with) just want to get great shots and they know that I’m going to help them do that.

G: What I learned from him was that if you’re going to shoot color make it count. Color film, back in the day, used to cost a lot more money to develop and it was something you had to send out to do. And from those days of it being more expensive and not as easily available, I learned to be more careful with it than I was with black and white. Another thing is, don’t do something that someone else has already done.