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I then watched her struggle and mmph for about 30 minutes till I fianlly and reluctantly untied her.

Were it not for the fan I doubt that anyone would have volunteered to get dressed in that thing. A little while ago, I had my friend(I'll call him Justin and his sister Taylor) over at my house to babysit him.

When he came over I, we played games for a while until we both got bored.

I then decided to call his sister down(I was just watching them because my parents and sister were gone) to come see her brother.

When she came in she laughed at him and he cursed under his gag but she only heard and "MPHHHHHH". I let them go after a while and they never told anybody.

Then Jessica put my hands behind the pole and tied them together with a few shoelaces.

Normally this wouldn't have restricted me from escaping, but with the large hands of the wolf suit on, there was simply no chance of me being able to untie the knots.

I decided that we work out( we have a total workout system in our garage) and we worked out for little while.

I then found some duct tape it the garage and decided to tie him up.

She whispered something to the other people there, and suddenly there were dragging me towards a support-pole in their basement.

I didn't fight back, since I didn't have a chance of resisting them and it was hot in the suit anyways.

I then proceeded to put duct tape over his torso and then gagged him.