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Cento dating codes

We monitor our preparation and cleaning processes to ensure they are done properly.

"Best By" dates and other similar terms (e.g., "Use By," "Best If Used By," "Sell By," etc.) are used to inform consumers about the shelf lives of our products so that they will know how long they can expect their products to last. We recommend that you consume the product before its "Best By" date expires.

Our food safety culture is embraced across all levels of Conagra from executives to plant personnel.

Within our internal Food Safety, Quality and Regulatory Affairs departments, we employ a wide variety of technical experts including microbiologists, chemists, thermal processing authorities, allergen experts, auditors, quality experts and systems engineers.

They cannot be reused as they are not designed for multiple uses. Major food allergens, as defined by the Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act, must appear on the packaging.

These include eggs, fish, milk, peanuts, shellfish (crustacean), soy, tree nuts and wheat.

The company also on occasion may need to source products from contract manufacturers that do not have non-BPA liner capabilities.

If this occurs, we attempt to source the minimum quantity of products necessary until a longer term non-BPA or non-vinyl option is identified.

Is your non-BPA lined packaged food labeled for consumers to identify?