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We even got two of our dogs on leashes to go and sniff the trail up, and they couldn't even follow it. I am thinking i shot her in the shoulder with no penetration. But then, all of a sudden the blood trail stopped and we decided to call it a night. He ran about 75 yrds at a decent pace the stopped on the field edge for a minute then hobbled off into the woods. Blood was everywhere, as we continued to track following a dereasing blood track, then finally the blood stopped.

Well a large portion of the snow melted and so did my blood trail. Almost all the deer I have killed, I have killed with one shot and have never had to track one. Back tracked to find my arrow next to a tree where I shot him. And have done several robin hoods on my target at home. Waited till this a.m and followed good blood till the creek then dried up. how ever i couldn't find my arrow which makes me believe that it could be clotting the blood up perhaps? later took up [email protected] first appeared to be no blood but if you looked closley @leaves you could see small spray drops which means lung hit.

I don't know if i should keep searching and ask around the neighborhood, or just give it up. Jeremy, The big bucks sometimes backtrack their steps to brush you off the trail, look really really close to the last blood you seen. Waited approx 45 min when I made the shot my arrow was still in the deer as he ran off and just when he turned my arrow broke off and was laying on the ground. I tracked my buck for a mile and a half and another 80 yards without a blood trail. While I was tracking there was bright red and bubbly blood along its path and there was a point where there wasn't a break in the line of blood on the trail.

I feel terrible about the fact that he could be suffering out there. I ve must of hit him high, as I used 30 yrd pin and he was 25 yrs. Usually buck will try to fool the predators, and only mature bucks do that. Which told me the other part must still be in the deer. I waited until morning to track it because didnt want to risk kicking him up. I was confident in my shot, he curled up and bolted with head down and tail tucked. Follow the momentum huff prints and broken shrubs or idea of running path. I thought for sure this deer would be dead very quickly.

They say deer don't run up hill or jump fences if fatally wounded, but that's not true at all. Then the SOB got up, ran, fell down, and kept repeating this until I lost sight of him. Appreciate thoughts, the above information to Jeremy from Alex prooved to help me too! I waited 40 minutes to regain my composure then called ina friend.

There was a slight blood trail on the other side of the fence for maybe 15 feet and then nothing. after tracking for about 700 yards lost blood trail. just shot the biggest buck I've ever seen in the woods. We tracked him for a good hour with a solid blood trail. He was curled up next to a spring on the property I shot him on. We followed the deers blood path for about 75 yards then came across my arrow with the broadhead blades broken off and the head bent over.

Can deer go 5-600 yards or so with femoral artery cut? We could not go any futher to track her, what should I have done,or do you think she also may have survived. We couldn't find her, the country here is very rough with ravines and dense cedar thickets. but i waited and followed the blood trail i walked over 5 akers. i shot a world record buckdeer 382.7 pt with a rocket launcher last night about pm est with a waning moon on the neighbors property.

It was a good shot too, I always try for a double lung shot. i waited 4 seconds before approaching the shot spot.

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