Start Cacti spine not updating rrd

Cacti spine not updating rrd

You should really, really get your Cacti RRA settings right before you begin using it.

But, for larger environments, using the Cacti's Spine poller is recommended.

Spine poller can improve the polling and graphing performance of Platform RTM by an order of magnitude (see Cacti User Manual below). Deciding to use the Spine poller How do you know if you should upgrade your Cacti poller from to Spine?

For instance, "split" function is gone in php 7 and it is quite common in the Cacti code base.

Another useful plugin "thold" for sending out alarms has even more serious problems with My SQL 5.7 as the SQL checking have become much more "strict" (I have tried turning off strict mode but still no luck).

Remember, these are calculated as “(step size in data source) * (steps in RRA definition)”.

1-minute Polling: The Right Way Here’s the correct way. 1 and 5-minute Polling This will give you correct 1-minute polling data while keeping the consolidated RRAs at the expected frequencies. Select only the “@ 1min” RRAs for 1-minute data, and only the “@ 5min” RRAs for 5-minute data.

You can see this in Cacti, under “Console” - What’s the problem?