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M: We have all these tools and apps but really what we’re dealing with, it’s ancient.

When the horn is tender, take it off, fry the meat balls, then put it in the dish you intend to send to table, with two ounces of butter put in small bits about it with a dozen large oysters...

MORE: A poetic translation of the Psalms intended to reflect the Hebrew original, the text was created by leading ministers and scholars of the colony including Richard Mather and John Cotton.

The press, paper and type were sent from England by an indentured locksmith.

I did quite a bit of online dating myself before I got into this experiment.

That’s how I learned that it’s so much work and not the kind of work I enjoyed.

Katerina: Me and my girlfriends were sharing stories about online dating. It takes a lot of time and most of the conversations, even if they happen, are meaningless and don’t give a good representation of what kind of person it is. It is kind of expensive but if there was a way to make it cheaper, I think it was a lot of fun.

It’s very frustrating and me and my girlfriends have all been through this experience. It was a great learning experience because I got to see how other girls do it.

Lyadova is now in “a happy relationship,” but would not comment on her dating life after the experiment beyond that.