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Over 90 geo-sites have been found in the region but there are three distinct areas that form the Langkawi Geopark, each with its own unique geological significance: Kilim Karst Geoforest Park Machinchang Cambrian Geoforest Park Dayang Bunting Marble Geoforest Park Beaches Warm beaches, gentle breeze and azure seas.

This resulted in having hundreds of legends attached to almost every cave, forest, islet, rock and lake within the archipelago. It is said that the beautiful Mahsuri was sentenced to death for adultery, a crime she was falsely accused of, and with her dying breath, she cursed the island, predicting that the island would not flourish for seven generations.

Strangely enough, Langkawi suffered a series of woes after the curse as crops failed for a very long time.

There are many accounts on Langkawi’s origin, including those from legends and folklore, but according to history, one can ascertain that the island was under the rule of the Sultanate of Kedah for a long time.

Hop on a boat to find the best snorkelling spots – usually found around the offshore islands of Pulau Payar and Pulau Selembu.

Witness the many exotic marine creatures that inhabit the coral reef complemented by the shallow, sunlit waters that show their colours off to us land-dwellers. Experience world class marina and yachting indulgence, while enjoying the romantic sunset with a beverage in hand.

Tun’s relentless effort and ingenuity gave rise to the creation of the Langkawi Development Authority, known as LADA.

It was a simple but a far-sighted move from the legendary leader who foresaw an opportunity in a once-upon-a-time remote cluster of islands in the North-Western area of Malaysia.

Snorkelling Snorkelling in Langkawi’s clear blue ocean is an exciting and fun family activity.