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Blackrock multi strategy hedge advantage liquidating trust

Fixed income securities issued by governments can be affected by the perceived stability of the country concerned and proposed or actual credit rating downgrades.

The fund arrives at a time when new European financial regulations such as AIFMD and Solvency II, coupled with historically high prices in equities and fixed income markets, are encouraging pension funds and insurers to seek ‘onshore’ alternative sources of investments returns.

Ingo Heinen, head of Black Rock alternative investment strategies in Europe, says: “There is a trend in Europe towards institutions seeking alternative investments via regulated ‘onshore’ vehicles.

These securities are therefore exposed to changes in interest rates which will affect the value of any securities held.

Compared to more established economies, the value of investments in developing Emerging Markets may be subject to greater volatility due to differences in generally accepted accounting principles or from economic or political instability.

mathematical or statistical) models in order to achieve a systematic (i.e. The Fund will utilise investment styles (including, but not limited to, value, momentum, carry and defensive) applied across asset groups (including, but not limited to, equity, fixed income, currencies, cross asset and commodities).

The Black Rock Multi-Strategy Absolute Return Fund is the firm’s first UCITS-compliant multi-strategy alternative fund in Europe and adds to Black Rock’s existing range of liquid alternative UCITS funds.

The Fund will invest on a global basis in equity securities (e.g.