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Bill nye dating

In addition, relatives of Mc Fly, Brown, and Tannen families were plentiful in the past or future parallel time zones visited.

When General Beauregard Tannen's armies kidnap Marty, Verne gasps.

Jules and Verne end up on opposite sides of the war; Verne is recruited by the Confederates and Jules in the Union army.

The network chose not to renew the show for a third season (citing low ratings It was the very first production of Universal Cartoon Studios.

Although the cartoon takes place after the movies, Bob Gale has stated that the animated series and the comic books take place in their own 'what if' and alternate timelines and are not part of the main continuity.

Wilson (Biff Tannen) voiced their characters from the films.

Christopher Lloyd played Doc Brown in the live-action segments which opened and closed each episode while Dan Castellaneta provided the animated Doc Brown's voice.

Clayton (Clara) Bill Nye Segment: Making an electromagnet.