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There we respond by throwing a WM_CLOSE to the form.

Suppose a CPU has a 8bit data bus to memory and you want to read a byte.

Since you have a 8bit bus, you are able to address all individual bytes, so reading is not a problem.

Predicting that some people will desire to have the X button, it was provided a switch to control the title buttons policy.

1 - The autosize of TCustom Check Box descendents under Windows CE produces a too small area, both inside a TRadio Group and a alone in a form.

This would be seen when one places a control on a TGroup Box or other controls with a border that the position of the places control was wrong - Fixed TRadio Group before fixes (Obs: The captions should be "Item1", "Yet another Item", "Item2", "Item3") TRadio Group after fixes Not yet fixed Bug Tracker items See also: Win32/64 Interface#TCheck List Box TCheck List Box presented some color problems under Windows CE which needed to be fixed. The colors of the TCheck List Box items under Windows CE are: Acording to the MSDN docs a result of 0 for Get Sys Color under Windows CE should identify that it isn't available.

Specifically it was found that on several places where system colors were used, the constant SYS_COLOR_INDEX_FLAG wasn't added. Get Sys Color makes sure the constant is added, so it should always be used instead of Windows. On desktop Windows this constant equals to zero, so it can be ignored. Now, 0 is also an RGB value (black), so maybe the Win CE docs are wrong and the Win32 docs should be used.

For getting the exact byte, the CPU "shifts" the right byte. On an 8 bit CPU, you have to read 4 times one byte and then you have the integer.