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Best books for guys on dating

Reading non-fiction without being actively engaged provides what I call “fantasy learning.” It’s a type of passive learning where people read and get excited about the idea of making a change, yet don’t take any action.

Jumping between too many topics is the same as channel surfing or mindlessly browsing the Internet, and that’s not what we’re trying to replicate.

Reading the table of contents will help you see the big picture, so you can connect the dots as you dig into the book.

He always credited his voracious reading for his writing skills — this article on Life Hacker backs him up.

"I love you," plain and simple, is a powerful phrase that doesn't need much embroidery. Sometimes it seems like there are three phrases, tops — especially when you're in the sack and in that I-want-to-do-you-right-this-second frame of mind.

Every time you open a book you take a trip — to a foreign country, another moment in history, even to someone else's state of mind.

A thirst for reading is the same thing as having a thirst for adventure.

And good communication is the secret to every successful relationship.4. I wrote about this a little bit in a previous post, but let me expand.

That cheesy reading-is-a-journey metaphor has proved so durable because it's true.

I'd always been dismayed by how easily my ex abandoned books (even the most page-turnery things, like ). It's not because I miss him, but because the letters themselves were so beautiful.

I think I should have taken that bad habit as a sign."Where do you see us in six months? His writing vividly brings back the summer we road-tripped across the western United States in his dirty Volvo, the smell of Montana forest fires filling the car, that it's like I'm there again.

But the better your guy is at expressing his reasons for love, via snail mail, text, or email, the happier you'll be.3. But dirty talk can also be incredibly hot, especially when it gets creative.