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Belle amie one direction dating

He is a semi-clueless, reckless, too brave for his own good lad who needs four more years of training to possibly become a Knight.

Sadder than he's ever been now that he's being shipped off to Alaska for a expedition he didn't care for.

Louis finds the idea to be total shit, Eleanor says it will be fun and they will be happy.

It feels like as soon as Harry set foot on the grounds of Corden’s Academy for the Elementally Gifted, Louis was instantly aware of him and his horrid curls and dimples. They’re actually quite lovely and make Louis go a bit weak at the knees if he thinks about them too much.

Unfortunately, Zayn's time in America had to end after five months due to the program simultaneously closing with the semester.

Or the one where everyone knows about Louis and Liam even though it was supposed to be a secret.

Louis has seen one torn-up relationship too many to still believe in happy ever afters.

Zayn traveled back to England but their relationship thrived for months afterwards and when Y/N skypes Zayn after her graduation ceremony, he has a huge surprise in store for her.