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Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, hopes that new freedoms would quickly replace the old have often been dashed by the re-emergence of patriarchal, conservative and traditional practices.

It is an automatic reaction.survey, many hope that the situation might be slowly changing.

Moreover, given that those constituting more progressive elements in society generally have access to the Internet, it is also interesting to note that discussion continues to go online.

So can others, hense it becomes very public flirting in a country that is otherwise very conservative when it comes to sex..

In one post, for example, the blog details the despair of some local men in finding a “pure” girl.

In 2007, for example, a study by the Nevertheless, if talk about sex was once taboo, although male bloggers still disrupt Women's Days marches to change prevailing attitudes on female virginity and domestic abuse, there is at least now the possibility to discuss matters more openly.

LGBT groups can operate more openly, and have especially empowered themselves through blogs, while, as recently seen in Georgia, discussion has gone online.

Boys will be boys – it’s the girl who was to blame. […] Sitting out on the balcony of our tiny two bedroom apartment zdanie we’d watch young girls walking by. Everyone knows that Ferid loves Sevinj and he would never take Aysel as a bride. He left my apartment that morning just before the sun rose in the hope that no one would see him sneak out. If you’ve ever spent any time in an Azerbaijani mehle (apartment courtyard) , you know that nothing goes unaccounted for. What is so shameful about wanting to get to know someone intimately before you commit your life to them?