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I wish you all a happy and healthy winter season with your families. Speaking for myself, I don't use time-lapse these days but have in the past, I don't miss it but perhaps -and for what it's worth - maybe a complaint to Skyline? The roads over in the USA are so big compared to ours in the UK, your cars are lovely. I actually got to sit in one back in the 80's when we were at Epcot - it was full of red leather! We won't see snow for a while, but there have been times when it snowed in November. We have often joked we might move to Canada, but there is part of me that is not joking. Wish it was you coming for the holiday Audrey -- sounds silly, I know, but I think we would hit it off. I'm going to spend some time sewing baby blankets today for my charity group. Hi Janey, had a look here at 12.30pm and only one man and his dog on the beach in view. The first is a lightning bolt and the other photo looks like daytime but I got the screen capture at the exact fraction of a second that the lightning lit up the whole beach.

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11-8-17 Hey Audrey, It's a bit cloudy (it wants to rain) and about 53 degrees (12).

You drive such vast distances hence the very comfortable automatic vehicles I guess. I do enjoy it, but the mere mention of snow in this area causes chaos. We woke up to everything white where I am, it was very frosty, really chilly through the night so today has been crisp and sunny - my type of weather. It was so fast that I had no idea how bright it was. Hi Gert, it sure does look stunning, what a quick seasonal change!

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It was a messy shot of white in that cold wet rain:).. We've been having some fantastic frosts and clear sunny days, apart from yesterday which was grey and wet.

Hi Gert, how are you and what is your weather like at the moment?

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