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Army regulation dating in germany

() German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen has announced plans to improve "political education" in the army following revelations about a spectacular far-right terrorist plot. () Investigations into a far-right terror plot in the Bundeswehr have led to another arrest, officials said. and compiling a "hit list" which included the justice minister. () The head of Germany's armed forces has ordered an inspection of all military barracks after Nazi-era memorabilia was discovered in two garrisons.

The German army has been rocked by widening revelations about far-right sympathizers in its ranks and a lingering devotion to the Nazi-era Wehrmacht. The Bundeswehr has taken on a spring cleaning operation.

Revelations that two soldiers had been planning a "false flag" terrorist attack in Germany - and to lay the blame on asylum seekers - led to wider questions firstly about the prevalence of neo-Nazis in the German military, and then about the way the Bundeswehr deals with connections to its Nazi-era forerunner: Adolf Hitler's Wehrmacht.

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