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Are kevin pereira and olivia munn dating

Student-loan refinancer Sofi, which also had an ad in the game, made a similar overtime option buy for the Super Bowl and "got a great price," a spokesman for the brand said in an email.

For more on Fox's overtime windfall check out Ad Age's report from earlier this week.

With the Super Bowl over, Valentine's Day marketing is heating up.

Zipcar is trying to crank up the passion early by promoting next weekend as"#MAKEor BREAKweekend." According to a survey by the car-sharing marketer, "more than half of Americans ages 18-34 feel that the first day or overnight trip is a good test of a new relationship." So Zipcar says it wants to encourage new couples to "put their relationships to the test with their first day or overnight trips together" and give them the chance to "make it or break it before getting into the potentially messy gray area of Feb.

Olivia Munn, who's been dating the Green Bay Packers' quarterback, starred in Proactiv's first-ever Super Bowl ad, a contingency buy that aired during the overtime spawned by the New England Patriots comeback.

The first overtime in Super Bowl history may have seemed totally unexpected.

It kicks off like a typical breakfast product spot, with sunshine streaming through the bedroom window. But the guy who wakes up doesn't smell coffee brewing in his kitchen and isn't chipper.

He must respond to work emails and deal with the typical morning moments that likely keeps him from eating a full breakfast.

The current spot ends with a mention of the chain's $1 grilled breakfast burrito.