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Aleksandra rastovic dating rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez thinks Cara Delevingne is The One and she wants a baby!

Michelle Rodriguez and Aleksandra are not only a couple, they live together! Jamie and Yaya are definitely gay and maybe they aren't official but they had hot myspace messages going back and shit i know them both guys know more than i do. i just found this b/c some said that the press fianlly found out that aleks was her girl..i wanted to see what people were saying...funny...

No one really knows when the picture was taken, but a friend of the model confirms: And that's exactly why it shouldn't be a big deal — it's old!

And we all know she could have been doing a lot worse.

'Sadly after years of dating older women and men like Olivier Martinez, nothing seemed to work out for her. T co-star Olivier Martinez, Fast and Furious co-star Vin Diesel as well as model Claudette Lali, director Francesca De Sola and model Aleksandra Rastovic.