Start Aedating 3 2 php script

Aedating 3 2 php script

Both Sedalin and Domosedan you can just get from the vet on request.

Thinking ahead to winter and needing to clip my girl.

Shes a very stressy horse and it's taken 6 months to get her standing well for the farrier.

I'm planning on doing a bib clip or similar and taking her raggy feathers off but she is very explosive so I think for the safety of clipping she may need a mild sedative. Thanks in advance Get the vet out and have IV sedation.

Do I just ring up the vets and ask to buy a sedative, do I need a prescription for it? If shes explosive there is a very real risk that she will snap out of the sedation.

It's possible to do a pretty tidy trim of feathers with scissors and a mane comb.

Lie the comb flat on the leg and cut the hair that sprouts through them.

She was fine to clip without sedation anywhere else.

Also my Cob arrived with a stinking hole in her hind end vet filled her up with sedation and we still couldn't clean it safely.

We have done hours of clipping work, and she has had behaviourists and all sorts but she simply doesn't like it.

If she is very bad, I would do both, and have the vet stay to top up if necessary.

If she is "explosive", ask the vet to come out and sedate, although they might also suggest dormosedan (sp? I wouldn't count on doing the legs even with IV sedation.