Start Adult x rated chat room

Adult x rated chat room

You would not be able to charge per minute with Pay Pal's system, however, you could easily pre-sell blocks of time in minutes. Pay Pal does not charge to use their scripts, and they do not charge a base fee.

In addition to the Perl script, there are several examples on their site that describe how to achieve similar results using ASP/VBscript.

or similar at low cost without charging for each user?

again..thanks for looking at this applicationa program called conference room will meet some of your needs. Unfortunatly it is licensed per maximum simultaneous users.

This would also allow you to integrate pay-per-minute webcam services as well. You can read more about Verotel's pay-per-minute service at: X3 Scripts offers a java script that will handle pay-per-minute access to your web site.