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[Serious] I'm a big tipper, really, my wife says I tip too much.

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i believe one needs a certain level of intelligence or wisdom to arrive at #6 being that most people do not have that level of intelligence the primary reason that 1 thru 4 are most popular is because there is no base wisdom to derive the result this type of order would lead to into the future while people can in time can gain this level of wisdom for most they won'ttill they are at least in there 40's or 50's and somenot at all due to the chaotic environment around themdrugged up uneducated drones would never break such a cycle, simply enforce it.

“When I care about somebody, whether it’s my best friend or somebody who I would date, I give them all of my heart,” Blake concluded.

When Blair Underwood joined the cast as a love interest for Miranda back in 2003, it marked the injection of a long-needed bit of diversity in the show’s cast.